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Video Production Services

In addition to business consulting, we offer professional video services including:

  • Video Production (Full Service)

  • Videography (Camera Operation)

  • Video Editing

We specialize in small-to-medium business marketing operations, and have combined over 10 years of video production experience. If you think you might have a project and would like to chat, hit us up and we'll chat about it at no charge. 


Our rates for common projects are below, so take a look at our work if you'd like to explore next steps!


Sample Video Work

Standard Rates

Below are the rates we typically offer for current services - we want you to come into our discussion with as much information as possible so we can find a fit that works well for you!

Wall of ideas

Full Service
$1500 and up

Want to go from needing a video to a delivered product? Look no further.

Image by Steven Hille

$100 - $150 / hour

Know exactly what you need for a smaller project, and want to bring us in to help out or operate on our own for a specific need? This is the right option for you.

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

$215 - $750 / day

If you already have a plan for a medium or large project, and want us on-site for a few days? This path lets you save over the hourly rate, while keeping it simple.

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