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Our Services



Each consultation will typically begin with a research phase. We want to get to know you and your company or non-profit.

We aren't going to waltz into your world and tell you everything you're doing wrong. We are here to come alongside you and LISTEN.

Depending on your overall goals, this phase can consist of one two-hour video call or a week-long, on-site visit to your location...and anything in between.

We'll be asking you many questions, observing your processes and clarifying your vision.


Maybe all you need is someone to brainstorm with...if so, we can leave the rest to you. But if you want to keep us on board for the next phase of the journey, keep reading!


After we get to know you and your needs, we can proceed to the launch phase. Specifically, if you desire to start something new...this is where it happens!

Whether you are expanding to reach a national or global audience, implementing new systems to support your growing client base, or are just starting to bring your brain child to life, we can guide you each step of the way.

At Outpost Consulting we believe in doing things right the first time...a strategic launch can save you both time and money.



Consulting isn't just helpful when launching into the new and exciting stages of is also a critical tool you can use to help you through times of massive change, leadership transition, crisis, etc.

We stand by you and help you navigate these pivotal moments with excellence. Not all change is easy, but we can make it much easier.

It is an honor when we are called upon to assist clients during their most uncertain moments, and we are committed to resourcing you so that you can find equilibrium and stability.

Not only that, but every new program you launch needs to have long-term navigational goals. We help you ensure that the achievements you reach today can be sustained and improved upon for generations to come.

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